Bear with me on all this. You might agree with me, or you might be tempted to phone the mental health board on my behalf!

Other dimensions of existence are as real as our own……..and that is my opinion, and my belief! Opinions abound in this dimension we call life on Earth, and if opinions could feed and heal the human race, we’d all be healthy, happy and thriving. I am always interested in educated, informed, balanced and considered opinions, based on genuine research……but hey, as we all know, most opinions do not fall into this category!

Can I prove that there are different dimensions of awareness? Nope. Do I have evidence to support my belief that we all exist within the same space at the same time, but in different states of awareness and consciousness? Well, nothing concrete. There are many who have been able to relate to what I have been able to produce, in terms of ‘evidence’, but none of it would ever stand up in a court of law.

So what makes me so sure? Am I ditzy, dreamy, given to flights of fantasy? I don’t believe I am, and I am pretty sure those who know me well would say I’m pretty grounded and straight spoken. They would also tell you that I am eternally curious, always questioning, always seeking out information……and always digging deep and sifting through information, questioning and looking for what makes sense to me. And I believe, 100%, that there are different forms of living energy, experiencing what is familiar and particular to them, and I am not just talking about ‘aliens’ from outer space……but life force that exists within its own version of space, largely unseen and unnoticed by that which occupies space in a different way. And all of the occupied ‘space’ is probably exactly the same space! Sounds crazy, eh? Well yes, in terms of everyday human awareness and understanding, it does. And I am pretty sure my personal version of how things are is sketchy and highly simplistic, and full of gaping holes……I am, after all, limited by my human consciousness. But the older I become, and the more I open up to something much, much bigger than myself,  the ‘feeling’ of there being more intensifies……the awareness of other (probably) non – physical, but incredibly potent forms of energy, strengthens, and I don’t just think….I KNOW…..that we are definitely not alone. And I have no interest in getting into debate or argument. If a person is interested in what I have to say, then great. If they want to talk about it with me in an intelligent way, fantastic. If my beliefs and skills help even one other soul……whilst also allowing me to earn a living…..bloody wonderful!

So, here’s a little snippet of what I feel is ‘real’: there are darker and there are lighter dimensions of awareness, in terms of negative/positive energy. Our own dimension of awareness is being fed and influenced by other dimensions, healthily and unhealthily, and we are an ongoing work in progress. The souls that begin the experience of life on Earth are not all being supplied by the same source, and do not share the same intentions. There IS a constant push – me – pull – you going on between what we see as love and hate, good and bad, righteous and evil……between light and dark. The ultimate creative force of all existence (I am happy to call it God) is experiencing and developing and co – creating through every single one of its ‘projects’. It is a responsive force, fascinated by detail, and by every thought, feeling, and action its creations create. It experiences everything we can ever experience, from joy to sorrow…..because it is experience that leads to expanded consciousness…….and expansion and growth is what the creative force is all about.

And I do believe that the creative force does not see death or suffering as a bad thing, as we do (for good reason, being housed in flesh and bone that is prone to the physical sensation of pain!)……because suffering does not last forever, and death of energy cannot come about. The deceased souls who complete the experience of life on Earth do not cease to exist. There are many forms of suffering we can heal or avoid, through awareness and conscious effort. There are some forms of suffering forced upon us, by souls whose intentions are not aligned with the creative energy we call love. Those poor souls often lead to the greatest changes in this dimension, more so than the perpetrators, even if it takes time……because other souls respond and unite, pushing against the dark, and forcing change for the collective good. We all know about free will……but free will is actually about HOW we respond to the power that IS free will! Free will can lead to destruction or to creativity. That’s the deal in this dimension of awareness. Either destroy or create, and understand that whatever choice we make shapes the nature of our soul, forever. The creative force responds to the inner world of its co – creators, where the individual reality exists. We can be consistently destructive, but then choose to become genuinely creative…..and we can heal our own darkened soul. We may appear to gain, financially and materially, through destructive dealings……but we cannot hide our inner reality from the ultimate creator, and we cannot hide from ourselves.

And many times, the dimensions overlap, which I believe is part of the bigger plan. Even the tiniest sense that there is more beyond our immediate vision and capacity for comprehension is enough to keep us on our toes, ever curious and questioning. Well, some of us, at least. And to remind us that we are not as big and smart as we can sometimes believe we are……AND that we are not alone!   



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