I know someone who recently fell down a small flight of steps, resulting in severe damage to a heel and ankle. He has several fractures and is going to be laid up for weeks, unable to do much at all…….and getting plenty of rest. But two days ago he had a realisation. Shaking his head, he said to me: “You know what? I kept saying ‘I need a break, I need a break’………and look what happened!” The same thought had already crossed my mind, but I had decided it was kinder to keep it to myself until he was a little better!

A guy I used to know had a tidy sum of money in the bank…..but he lived as though he didn’t have two pennies to rub together. His living environment was sparse and filled with old, worn out and broken things. Although kind in many ways, he struggled to compromise in life, and had few friends. He was always saying stuff like “nothing good ever happens to me”, or “typical, just my luck”. He was anti a lot of things, and lived under a number of self – imposed restrictions……and of course he did not see any connection whatsoever between his consistent, ongoing beliefs and actions, and the way in which he experienced life. However, despite his mental poverty, this guy would buy a lottery ticket each week, always using the same numbers. One week, for no apparent reason, he decided to change the numbers. And his old numbers came up. He lost out on over £100,000. And although disappointed, he didn’t seem to be at all surprised. “See”, he said. “I told you nothing good ever happens to me.”

A lady told me that she wanted her old life back. Her husband had passed, and she was all alone. They had rarely left the house, the car was only used occasionally, spending most of its time parked on the driveway, and they simply existed on a regular, daily basis. And that was absolutely fine by them. She told me that she had no interest in moving forwards, and was not looking for change….she just wanted things to be the way they were, full stop. And then, defiantly, she added: “And even if I did want to move forwards, I can’t. Since my husband died, my legs have ‘gone’…..I can’t use them!” I asked her if she could maybe see a connection……and she became a tad angry with me, to say the least! How could her weak, unresponsive legs have anything at all to do with her…..it was impossible. It was just another example of terrible luck, and an unkind fate.  

I had become disenchanted with my work…….some of the customers I was attracting were not right for me, and vice versa. There was conflict, hostility, being dragged over the coals on the internet by angry women who believed that they deserved the perfect life, but who refused to acknowledge the connection between their inner world and their outer world, and who were unwilling to work on themselves. They believed that predictions should fix everything, and that a certain story should be told, otherwise there would be hell to pay……and paid it was! Giving consultations is my job, how I earn my living, but I began to struggle and sink, and I developed the habit of saying “I would rather live in a cardboard box than keep on having to work with some of these people!”……..and we received a notice to quit our rented home, after almost 11 years. Okay, there were other factors involved, but the notice to quit came out of the blue, and was absolutely final. I pointed out to my youngest daughter the link between me and my cardboard box mentality, and the fact that we were now becoming homeless……and she made me laugh by raising her eyes skywards, and saying “Lord, it’s her who wants to live in a cardboard box, not me!”

Luckily, I have, for many years, made my own study of the human mind, and what it appears to be capable of, and I knew I could turn things around. I had forgotten for a while, and was incredibly relieved when forced to sort my own miserable mind out! I took steps to fine – tune my business, and part company with the kind of customers who were not seeking the actual service I offer, and I moved my mind away from the thoughts that were keeping them coming back! And I knew that our old home was in a bad way……and representitive of what we were willing to accept and put up with. We decided upon the kind of new home we really wanted and needed, and just as our notice period expired, a lovely home came on the market……which, against a few odds, became ours!

I have a whole list of little ‘miracles’ that have come about in my life, periodically saving my bacon and keeping me afloat…….and whilst I am incredibly fascinated by the process, and genuinely grateful, it is the saving of bacon and being afloat that ultimately demands my attention. We get what we ask for in life, largely speaking. I am not talking about sudden, occasional, out of the blue disasters here……although we can’t explain why, unfortunately they do occur……I am talking about the pattern and progression of our everyday life. If I am responsible for directing my life, if the nature of my deep seated beliefs and subsequent attitude are playing a role in what I attract, repel and experience, I am also responsible for the quality, too. If being saved, and merely remaining afloat, is what I accept, then it is what I will experience. There will always, always be ‘circumstances’. Life is circumstantial, and everyone plays their role in creating circumstance, and everyone chooses how they respond to the circumstances they encounter.

A customer told me this week that she doesn’t want millions, because she would feel bad for those who don’t have anything. I used to think and feel that way. It dragged me down and restricted me for years, and although a little residue still remains, with recognition and effort I am much improved. I came to realise that most human beings have the same capacity of mind, and they get to choose how they use it, and what they believe to be true. Some have a head start, some have to work harder……it is what it is, but the fact remains that, for most of us, improvement and growth is always possible, regardless of the odds. And those human beings who genuinely don’t have the capacity to choose the way in which they are going to use their mind, and how they are going to approach life, rely upon those of us who do have the capacity to choose! Our own greater good expands outwards and feeds the collective greater good! 

It is the strength of the beliefs we posses, and the emotion behind the thoughts and words we regularly and consistently express, that leads to creativity. Negative beliefs tend to be easier to adopt, and are more highly charged than productive beliefs. The process of creativity and manifestation is neutral. We have as much ability to create wonderful things as we do to create painful things. It is just that we tend to get on a roll…….and once that ball is set in motion, we keep on kicking it toward one goal post or another. So let’s be aware, and do our best to avoid making own goals! And if we need help, we should seek it…….no man, or woman, is an island. 



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