A spiritual prediction about death…….but it’s not all gloom and doom!

The customer’s deceased mother told me that, soon, two people would lose their lives on the road, near to where I lived……and nothing could now be done to prevent it. Three days later, whilst taking the children to school, we found that the police had blocked the road off, due to a serious accident…….in which two men had died.

Now, there are two things I would like to explain here: firstly, when I say she ‘told’ me, I don’t mean that she was sitting there having a cuppa, as large as life. I work clairvoyantly, which means I ‘see’ those who are communicating, as if they are holograms. I also work clairsentiently, which means I ‘feel’ information. And more often than not, the communications come from within what feels like the centre of my head……like thoughts, rather than words. Sometimes there are words that I ‘hear’, rather than feel or just know (like the time I suddenly heard a pretty random sentence, whilst in the middle of a consultation: “Dior, smells like Estee Lauder”…..and the customer knew exactly what I was talking about!)

Secondly, deceased people do not generally give out scary warnings of death and doom……..and I believe the purpose of THAT prediction was to explain something, to make a point (neither of the men were known to myself or the customer, so it wasn’t personal to us). She communicated that nothing could now be done to prevent the incident……and that is the bit that interested me the most. It implies that, ahead of time, certain happenings become set, and that the ball is rolling towards an ineviteable conclusion. But not, I believe, because God or some other force has decreed it….but because it is clear that certain individuals are going to take particular actions, in a particular way, at a particular time, that will lead to a particular outcome……and if nothing is set that will intervene or interfere with the process, it will continue to its conclusion. What if she had given us the date and the time, names and addresses? Would anyone have listened, or would I have been seen as crazy, and ignored? Are ‘spirits’ capable of, or able to, deliver that kind of info? Is a medium capable of receiving such detail? These are questions to which I have no answer. I learned long ago that mediumship (communicating with non – physical beings) is not a consistent, absolute science. There are many ‘spiritual’ experts out there who appear to have all the answers……but ARE they answers, or opinions? People often want things neatly packaged, easy to understand and accept. They want to think that a non – physical existence is merely a continuation of everything they are already familiar with, right now, on planet Earth. But I feel, and I believe, that it is much, much bigger than that, though that’s just my opinion, based on my own experiences and personal interpretation. And some would say that the accident was a coincidence, and nothing to do with the prediction, and I would say “possibly…..who can say for sure? But I don’t think so….”.

And others say that ‘bad’ news shouldn’t be given during a consultation. I agree, to a point. Death is a part of life, but no – one wants to be told that they, or someone close, is going to face an untimely passing…..and I would not deliver that kind of info, generally speaking. However, elderly or very sick people are more likely to die, and if it is relevant, or connected to something bigger, than maybe it is okay to discuss it. And the purpose of an intuitive consultation is to gain insight and knowledge, to assist the customer as they manoevre their way through the forthcoming future……not to buoy up the hyper – anxious, by telling fairy stories. There ARE people who offer that service, and they can easily be found!

Interestingly enough, within a year of that accident, I made ‘contact’ with the passenger in that car three times, for different customers who had known him. In the end I came to recognise him! He told me that his mother was very bitter, and he wished she wouldn’t be…..and one customer confirmed that she had told the parents of the other young man who died, the driver, that she blamed their son for the death of her own. Grief affects people in different ways.

Anyway, I have decided to begin to promote ‘communication’ consultations again, but they have to be on my terms! There is a belief that there is one generic way of working, where intuitive/spiritual consultations are concerned……and that is absolutely not true. Each medium will have his/her own abilities and skills, perceptions and beliefs. I personally, being an ’emotional’ reader, feel the essence of the communicator, physically describe how they present themselves, and pass on any information that comes into the centre of my mind. Most of my work is about seeing and knowing. I generally do not ‘hear’, as in names (although one pretty smart young man once showed me a board, lit up with neon letters, that spelled out his name……amazing!), but most people are easily able to identify their loved ones. Most, not all. Once, whilst giving a public demonstration, I described an elderly lady to a man in the audience. He firmly shook his head, arms folded tight across his chest, stating that he had no idea who I was talking about. His sister raised her arm, and said “It’s our grandma”. I asked why she could identify her, but he couldn’t. She said it was because he hadn’t seen the old lady for years, before she passed.

One last thing: I have found that a person’s perception of death has a profound impact upon how they cope with bereavement, in the long term. Everyone desperately misses their deceased loved ones, forever. But those who view death as a ‘bad’ thing, as a place of darkness and loneliness, are more likely to experience feelings of guilt (unfounded) and bitterness, than those who don’t. I understand why those who make ‘life after death’ sound like a permanent street party in the sky, in which the deceased do nothing for eternity but float happily around, watching over us and sending their love, are so popular, and so much in demand. But I just know that there is way more to it all than that…….that there is a much bigger picture, a deeper, connected purpose to the process of existence, in all its parts…….and I am still working on figuring it out!

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! A spiritual communication consultation, delivered as an audio file via email, for £20 (listing price will be £40) – first 5 customers only!

I ask for:

the customer’s first name and age, AND the first name of the person/people the customer hopes to hear from, plus their relationship, as in mother, friend, granddad etc. I will not continue with the consultation if these details are not supplied, and will refund the payment! Occasionally customers think they should not have to provide that kind of info, seeing it as a ‘test’ as to what can be picked up. That is not how I approach my work, and those customers are free to go elsewhere!

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