It comes to my mind that the human race itself has one collective soul, a soul made up of each and every one of us, of those who have already been, and all those who are currently here. And it has a spirit, a spirit that has been built upon and fed by the spirit of every human being who has ever lived……and it will continue to be fed by those yet to come. The human race is one thread in the huge woven fabric of all existence……an existence that may be made up of many, many dimensions, many sides, and many faces.

The collective soul of the human race changes in line with the nature of its spirit…….as we, the individual shards of that collective soul, also do. The spirit is the relationship we build with life itself, and all its components. It can and does fluctuate……but there often comes a point in the life of a human, even allowing for fluctuations, at which our spirit is ‘set’. Some will be known as mean spirited…….others will be described as free spirits……others will be spiritually philosophical. Some will see and feel joy, even in the face of challenge and great hardship…….and that joy will be an expression of the spirit. Some will focus on what they feel is wrong, and always live as if they are waiting for everything to be ‘right’…..and that will be an expression of the spirit. We can, through awareness and deliberation, alter the nature of our own spirit…….if we deem it necessary.

The collective human soul has awareness, and it feels. It is affected by, and responds to, every thought, every feeling, every perception, every action that every single human being has ever created and experienced. It is a life force in its own right…….and it came into being with the very first breath taken by the very first human animal. It knows pain, sorrow, fear and grief. It knows joy, elation, celebration and triumph. It knows apathy, and it knows achievement, and it knows the miracle of considered, intelligent faith. It knows love, and it knows hate. And the human race continues to contribute to, and to take from, the spirit of our collective soul. We are as influenced by it, as it is by us. And because its energy is billions of times greater than the energy of each individual shard (us), when it has been led into a dark place, it will lead us into a dark place. When it has been led into a place of appreciation, or gratitude, or mass sharing, or mass creativity, it will lead us further along those pathways. It wants for us what we want, and it becomes who we become……only greater, and more potent. It doesn’t select or choose on our behalf. However, if we develop a conscious, deep and faithful relationship with it, that comes from our very core, even if no – one else on the planet knows about it, it responds in kind. It leads, it reveals, it informs, it places us…….and awaits our own response.

If we develop a hateful, vengeful, controlling and cruel relationship with the collective human soul, its spirit responds accordingly……from a place of darkness and misery. No good ever comes from that place…….any victories claimed by those whose spirit leads them to tap into the dark side of the collective soul will eventually crumble and leave nothing but poisonous dust behind. Not because of conscious punishment, meted out by a greater force……..but because of the nature of the energy of hatred. It might seem that it is easier to be unforgiving and cruel, than to be loving and open to joy……but a lot of negative time, energy and emotion is required to maintain the momentum of evil intentions towards other human beings. The ‘light’ flickers, and even becomes a mere spark, at certain times and in certain places on this planet……but it is never, ever completely extinguished. Because someone somewhere is always feeding the spirit of the collective human soul with something nourishing. One handful of light in the dark can be seen over great distances. One handful of dark in the light can only be seen when close up. However, it can be ‘felt’ many miles away, especially by particularly sensitive souls………and its power always lies in its ability to infiltrate the mind and the heart. A wounded body can be seen, and often healed. A wounded mind cannot always be seen, and healing can be difficult. We all need to be aware, to keep our own mind as clean as possible, and to avoid allowing the unclean in, even unwittingly…….for our own sake, and for the sake of the collective human soul…….which will, after all, be influencing all of those who are yet to come.   


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