Deceased relatives impatiently waiting to communicate……and ‘spirit’ kisses!

These are my stories, about my own personal experiences. I am not inviting debate or argument, and have no interest in attempting to prove anything to anyone. We believe what we believe, and we only alter those beliefs if and when we choose to.

In the days when I visited other people’s homes to give consultations, I was once left waiting, in the converted loft, for the next customer to arrive. A man and woman climbed the stairs and seated themselves upon two chairs that were not actually there…….because the man and woman were not solid, in the physical sense. They were what is commonly called ‘spirits’. They did not acknowledge me, and after a couple of minutes they left, the same way they came. Eventually the customer arrived, and we began the consultation…….and once again the couple climbed the stairs and took their old seats. I explained what I was seeing, and described how the man and woman looked, and the surprised customer exclaimed “That’s my mum and dad!” What interested me the most was the fact that they obviously got fed up waiting for their daughter to quit gabbing downstairs, and decided to come back later. I don’t know where they went, or what they did, but as soon as the ‘communication’ was over, they left. 

On the same evening, once again I was left waiting whilst the customers chatted downstairs about what I said to who, when I felt a tingle, a tickle, on my top lip……and I suddenly became aware of a little dark haired girl, holding the hand of an adult, stepping back from me……she had kissed me on the lips! And then I heard her say “Can she see me?”, so I waved, she smiled and waved back, and was gone. I did not discover who the child was, but was fascinated by the fact that she could see me long before I saw her. We human beings, in solid physical form, talk about seeing ghosts or spirits……..and clearly there are non – physical beings who talk about seeing humans! And I bet others tell them that humans don’t exist, and that they are alone in their particular dimension!

As I have said before, I don’t currently actively promote spiritual communication, for a number of reasons. I am as fascinated by life in the physical world as I am by existence in a non – physical dimension. More so maybe, because whilst we are here we have to live, and grow, and develop…….and I believe that everything we do and everything we become is completely important and relevant, for ever and ever……especially beyond physical life. And if it is possible to catch glimpses of other – dimensional beings, it is definitely possible to catch glimpses of our future possibilities and pitfalls!

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2 thoughts on “Deceased relatives impatiently waiting to communicate……and ‘spirit’ kisses!

  1. That lovely story gave me icy goosebumps !


    1. Thank you, I am pleased you enjoyed it!


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