WHY and HOW predictions can be useful! An investment in our future.

I am truly not blowing my own trumpet here, but I was really pleased to receive this email, and I wanted to share it…….for a specific reason:

Hi Leanne,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt compelled to dig up this consultation and saw that it had been almost a year since it had been done. Several things have already come to pass, including the people mentioned. You gave me valuable insight on my main question and I was able to cut myself from the situation without any attached emotions, while managing to learn from it. You have always delivered the good and bad with such kindness that each consultation has felt like having coffee with a (wise) friend!

Thank you for all,

Viv 🙂 x

This lady has highlighted what I love about my work……the actual ‘making a difference’! BUT, it only came about because she re – visited her consultation, further down the line. Funnily enough, on the same day I received this, another customer was emailing me to say she couldn’t see how what I had predicted could come about……she just couldn’t see that stuff unfolding. My work is an ongoing cycle. Dismiss now, understand later. We know what we know right now, at this moment in time. We feel, believe, and see things from who we are today…….not who we will be in another year or three or ten. I politely asked that lady what she had been expecting to hear……why, if she was sure she knew what was coming up, she had chosen to have the consultation. She said because having readings (I call them consultations, because the customer consults with me) was fun, and maybe she was looking for validation. But you can see how tricky that can be. I don’t think consultations are fun. Sometimes a decent consultation hurts like hell. My own life has hurt like hell, many times………and I have resisted change, growth……the truth even……as much as the next person (maybe more). But I have benefited ( I had to look up the spelling on that last word……two T’s or one?) from the wisdom and experience of many others, thanks to books and Youtube. Someone out there always knows, for sure, what I need to know. And I myself know some stuff other people need to know. Not everything. Not every single last detail. But some stuff. But if it is all immediately dismissed, how can it be helpful, in the bigger picture? I suppose that depends upon what we are seeking, and how open we are to the idea of that ‘bigger picture’.

Anyway, there it is. I will proudly add this email to my ‘testimonials’ page, as Lewis Hamilton and Seb Vettel add their F1 trophies to their collection. True, I didn’t risk life and limb, but I was doing what I know how to do. And I will always celebrate the victories!


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