What do you know today that you didn’t know yesterday….and who are you, as a result?

Today I know what I know. I understand what I understand, and I see the world through eyes that are ‘set’ to my own ‘current time’ thinking.

Whatever I have believed, been, done, thought and acted upon has already been superceded…….even since yesterday. Today has brought new ideas, new possibilities, and different things to consider. I still have the same situations to address, but the mindset and the approach are different. They have to be……I have been influenced and affected by a whole number of things, as have you, within the last 24 hours. We are all experiencing this hall of mirrors called life, second by second.

For example, yesterday morning saw me looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix. I believed that Lewis Hamilton should make the best getaway of his career, and that he absolutely HAD to win. I was nervous……almost too nervous to watch. But he did not make the best getaway, was overtaken by Nico Rosberg, and they took each other out of the race after only 30 seconds. I screamed (apparently), and threw my arms in the air…..and then buried my face in my hands, wailing “For God’s sake…….NOOOOOOO!”

I contemplated not watching the rest of the race. How could I? It was all ruined. We had waited 2 weeks to sit, ready and waiting, with bated breath and everything crossed. HOW could this BE?  But then I remembered my commitment to letting go of knee jerk reaction, and to being open to what comes about. And the Spanish Grand Prix turned out to be one of the best races we have seen for a very long time. Everyone was buzzing, the action was hot, and the results were incredibly surprising, not to mention unbelievably exciting. Isn’t it great how things work out? And to think, I almost chose not to watch it, based on what I DIDN’T know at that moment in time.

Yesterday I didn’t know about the house we are going to view, for possible rental, later this week. Yesterday there was nothing solid on the horizon.

Yesterday I didn’t know how to manage my Google Pay Per Click campaign, and was feeling really disappointed with it, and helpless to change it. Today, after spending an hour on the phone with a lovely, patient man from Google, I know so much more, and have tidied and tightened up my advertising campaign!

A few days ago the price list on my website reflected one aspect of my thinking. I had been contemplating increasing my prices because a) having researched Intuitive Consultants online, I realized I was the cheapest….and who the hell wants to be the cheapest? b) because a telephone customer informed me that he had (willingly!) paid £50 for a 15 minute consultation, with another reader, only days earlier than he paid me £40 for almost an hour…..and that I had given so much more in terms of insights and predictions c) my prices were encouraging certain customers that I did not want to attract (not all business is good business) d) I do have an excellent track record for honesty, valuable insights, solid guidance, and accurate long-term prediction……I AM an investment in the future, if utilised! So, now the price list on my website reflects a different aspect of my thinking……..but even with the increase I am STILL less expensive than many others out there!

A week ago I was blistering with hurt and frustration, towards one particular person, and over one particular situation. I took a sudden opportunity that presented itself to ‘let rip’, and although I do not encourage aggression, and I am a believer in moving on…..and although some think I should have handled things differently……I have absolutely no regrets, and feel sooooo much better. Sometimes we just have to stand up and be counted, and if there are any consequences, take them on the chin. If I had tackled the situation a year or more ago, it would not have developed in the way it did. By doing my best to avoid a certain conflict, I brought it about. So hey, I lost my dignity…..but it was a fair price to pay, on this occasion!

I am, today, different than I was yesterday, and I bet you are too! The difference may be subtle, but it will be enough to lead us to be different again tomorrow…..and the next day, and the next day…..vive la différence!




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