The spirit is an amazing thing………the spirit IS the force of life, and always, always wants to be free!

Well, that is what I believe, anyway.

Human beings talk a lot about spirit, about BEING spiritual, and about finding their spiritual pathway……..and in fact, ‘spirituality’ now appears to have become a religion…..a cult even, in some cases. There are absolutes, rules and regulations, competition, those who have ‘arrived’ and those who haven’t. The bastardised version of spirituality is sometimes used against others, in a fairly passive – aggressive way, which feels pretty dark to anyone on the receiving end of it. And ‘spirit’ is often expected to produce all of the answers, or is manipulated to suit an individual’s desire for one – upmanship or power. This is the dark world of spirituality…..or at least the commercial, manufactured, manipulated world of spirituality, at least.  

The real nature of spirit is to be free, childlike, enthusiastic, curious, joyous, adventurous and eternal. The spirit can be beaten down, injured, damaged and dimmed……but never completely destroyed. It can rise again, and fly free once more, with the right kind of care, from the right kind of people. Our spirit IS the energy of the relationship we develop with the wonderful things of life……God/The Creator, creativity, nature, music, art, travel, other people’s amazing stories, positive sharing…….our healthy spirit is always forward moving, asking questions, looking, listening, learning, wondering, appreciating, using our passion and our skills to create something nice or beautiful for the world, be it simple, or hugely magnificent. Our mind operates through our spirit, and vice versa. The way in which we develop our spirit……the relationship we have with the world around us, and the creative force, of which we are all part………has more of an impact upon our own happiness than anything else in life. We cannot be spiritually free with a constantly intense, fearful or resentful mind. We cannot be spiritually free if we are dull minded, never growing, never feeding ourselves with new knowledge, following the same old routine day in and day out. We don’t have to be rich, to be free of responsibility, to be in a comfortable position in life, in order to feed our hungry spirit positively……..we just have to become aware of our own consistent thoughts, attitude and approach to the world around us. And to watch the company we keep…….sometimes those who claim to be the most spiritual are the ones to avoid…….and those who sneer, and those who believe life owes them something……..well, wherever possible, do all you can to keep them out of your internal space! Your spiritual health is of utmost importance, as it feeds your very life force. It isn’t unspiritual to avoid too much emotional contact with those who will suck your life force dry, or trample it underfoot…….you might as well hand them a gun and say “shoot me!” 

We don’t need to make a big deal about it, we don’t need to become intense and overly analytical, and to turn the quest for spiritual good health into a complicated project……we just need to lighten up, listen, learn about whatever interests us, get out of our own headspace and become fascinated by the wonders of the world around us, no matter how simple. Spirituality is pro – active. It looks for solutions. It accepts that darkness exists, it grieves for others, and then says, okay “What can WE do about this?” Because, of course, we are all in this together, and it definitely suits us to connect with others who are spiritually healthy and positively motivated!

1934878_693080644140477_2885452048770898114_n Different perspective

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