Without dreams and without hope, what is life? Without something to aspire to, something that makes our heart beat more quickly when we think about it, are we really LIVING? What if we reach for a hundred stars and get to hold 10 of them in our hands, isn’t that reason to celebrate the fact that we are a part of the fabric of this universal force of creative energy? I believe it is! Okay, so 90 stars remain beyond our finger tips……the odds are still pretty impressive! Life, like business, is a numbers game………the more stars (and people) we reach out to and tell our story to, the higher the odds of success. Believe me…..I have sold everything from bus stops to advertising space, in my pre – intuitive consultancy days…….and success is all about percentages!

And you know, we CANNOT afford to allow others to slide their knives of negativity in between us and our resolve, slicing away at who we are working on becoming……on the destinations we have set for ourselves. The knife wielders will act as if they know something we don’t, or are informing us of something we really should be aware of. And they may even smile whilst doing so, or feign concern for us. There is a world of difference between a genuinely concerned relative/friend/colleague/customer, and one whose motivation is to wound or lash out at us. If we really, truly believe in ourselves, in our quest, in our aims, and we know WHY those things are important to us, and what the intended results will be, we can’t go down and stay down…..we have to get back up again and remind ourselves of our successes to date,  and of our qualities……and the importance of our dreams.

Of course we need assistance from others and periodic feedback, along the way. There is a saying: ‘no man is an island’, and this is absolutely true. No man or woman ever achieved success in any field without input from others. Ever. And sometimes we need a wake – up call, a voice of reason and logic, a neutral source that provides us with objective insight. Other times we need encouragement from someone we know and love, someone we trust to be honest but gentle with us. And we also need to look towards those who have already proven their dream – making qualities, those who show us that circumstance alone does not make, shape or break us……unless we allow it to.

Whatever YOUR dream, if you know for sure that your motivation is coming from the best part of you, and that your intentions are positive, and that you desire the best for others as well as yourself…….and if you can be brave enough to stand for those dreams and keep going, even when progress is slow…..and if you can be tough enough to withstand the slings and arrows of those whose personal ‘issues’ cause them to feel the need to pull you down……. then hey, you will definitely pluck a handful (or more!) of stars from the sky of dreams and ambition, and get to bask in their warmth and sparkling light!

Quote: “In a sky full of people, only some want to fly……isn’t that crazy?” Seal.


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