Really committing to re – programming our subconscious mind, and de – cluttering it of old, outdated beliefs is a liberating experience! Don’t get me wrong, though…….I am not saying it is easy, and it certainly doesn’t lead to immediate, physical results……but something definitely changes, right from the start. I know there are many people out there who will say “Oh, I tried doing that and it doesn’t work!” I can sympathise with that viewpoint, because I myself spent years attempting to use the ‘law of attraction’ beneficially, but with only slow moving, stop – start results. And that is because my understanding and my approach were not adequate, not up to the job. I have always managed to just get by, to just survive, and I realized that that was because I was actually programming my own subconscious mind to achieve only that.

So, stating my intentions and repeating affirmations for abundance was only very mildly affective…..because I had not genuinely healed my underlying poor abundance mentality! I see lots of people doing the same thing…….visualising, affirming, talking the talk…….but without getting much further on, and becoming disheartened and frustrated. The secret (no pun intended, as we are talking about the law of attraction!) lies in being willing to really dig deep, in a non – intense way, into our own deeper mind…..and recognising and feeling what lies there. Most people who are attempting to re – programme their subconscious mind towards a more fulfilling and abundant life are trying too hard (intensity and strain negates any productive work we do), are not digging deeply enough into their own stockpile of perceptions and beliefs, and are often squashing positive, hearfelt affirmations and statements of intention with automatically generated negatives……without even being consciously aware! So……it is more tricky than we have been led to believe, from certain quarters, but tricky is okay……we can get beyond that!

There is an erroneous belief that money/abundance is a form of reward. I have heard more than one intelligent person say “Why should someone like him/her, who is selfish and and not particularly nice, have so much, when I, who am not selfish, and who works so hard, have so much less?” Because he/she doesn’t have the money/abundance blocks that you do…….they have no issues with money and gain, and allow it to pour into their life! There are two ways that people become wealthy: by following the light path, or following the dark path! People like Richard Branson have followed the light path, with passion for life and a burning desire to explore and create (and thankfully there are many, many more like him on planet Earth)…..and I will leave it to you to figure out who appears to have taken the dark path! Money doesn’t care… just goes where it is genuinely and warmly welcomed, and tends to follow after its kind (you’ve heard the saying that money goes to money). Money doesn’t have feelings, and it doesn’t rationalise……it just circulates where it feels the greatest pull! And desperation is not a great pull. And yes, there are individuals who suddenly come into money out of the blue, say as in a lottery win, without appearing to have consciously drawn it to them. I don’t have an explanation (yet!) for the apparent randomness of a lottery win…..but I will say, having researched the subject, that it quickly sorts those who have a strongly developed relationship with money from those who don’t!

But of course, abundance isn’t just about money. It is about appreciation, gratitude, opportunity, the capacity to feel wonder and awe, and to savour life. Money just makes everything so much easier, and more fun!

And for those who still believe that they have a healthy relationship with money, whilst saying things like “money doesn’t buy happiness”, or “I only need enough to get by….I am not greedy”, I would say you still have some underlying blocks. Which is absolutely fine! The trick to life is to develop in our own chosen way, and to find our own level of satisfaction. Of course I will enjoy and use the abundance I invite my way, but my biggest desire is to develop and grow in a whole way…..not just spiritually, mentally, emotionally and socially……but also financially, too, otherwise I will have left something out. Someone told me recently that her partner worked and worked, and even when at home found something to do, to occupy him. He had sworn that when he became a father he wouldn’t do what his father had done, and he would make time for his family…….but then continued to follow in his father’s footsteps! She reminded him of his promise, and he became defensive, saying “Well, that’s what happens….that’s what people do….we have to live in the real world. We’ll have our time when the kids have grown up!” He is forgetting that merely making money does not make a person successful, if he or she is not developing in other ways too. Success and abundance can be celebrated and enjoyed when we ourselves are blossoming…..and when we can share it with those we love.

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